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Doula Birth Package

two widely experienced & educated doulas

complimentary consultation

two birth prep visits

ongoing informational support

24/7 on call access

continuous support through birth

in home post birth visits

$1500 for comprehensive care

Payment plans available // HSA plans do apply // Consider a baby shower doula registry // Trade/barter options available // Sliding scale for eligible families

Pregnant moms in St Paul Minnesota

What You Get

When You Hire Us As Your Doulas


two highly qualified doulas in the twin cities

Sharing a combined 250+ births

With backgrounds in Spinning Babies, Hypnobirthing, the Bradley method and Lamaze childbirth education, we have supported families in hospitals, birth centers and at home with a wide variety of birth preferences as they welcome their new little one into their arms.


Complimentary Consultation

Let’s get together

We’ll get to know you and talk all things birthy. Tell us about preparing to add a new little one to your family. Share your vision with us! We’ll also go over what we do (and don’t do), what to expect from us if you hire us. Don’t mind us if we get a bit nerdy, we are passionate about our work! This meeting typically takes place at a coffee shop or we can meet you in your home.


two birth prep visits

Preparing your mind & body for birth

Once you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll set up two birth prep visits. During this time together, we’ll review your birth preferences, provide information and resources you may need, get more specific about your post birth plan. We get to know your family and learn how your partner or birth support team can best help you. We teach you stretches and exercises to help balance your body and provide room for your little one to follow their instincts to get in the best position for their birth. Every family is different in what they need from their doulas, so we help you determine what that is and then provide it. Most importantly, we spend time together so that you feel familiarity and comfort when you see our faces enter your birth space.


Ongoing Informational support

We’re available to you

Ask us questions that arise, fill us in on any fears or anxiety you may feel… We are in your court. Go ahead, tell us how excited you are too! We’ll be there to offer you emotional support as you prepare for your birth as well as help you work out riddles that arise.


24/7 On Call Access

Gain confidence as you near your due date

Once you reach 38 weeks we are on call for you. While you have access to us from time of hire. Once we hit the “birth zone.” You can be reassured that we will answer any calls or texts within 10 minutes. We start a birth team text thread where you can drop us information or ask questions as things start happening. There is no TMI, here! We have ideas, advice or just a listening ear in those early moments. As soon as you are ready for us to join you at your home or the birthing space we can reach you in about an hour.


Continuous support through birth

When birthing begins

We provide you with continuous support through the birth of your child and stay a couple of hours after to make sure your family is comfortable, fed and enjoying those first precious moments. We stay by your side offering our presence to you and your family. Every family and birthing person has different needs during the birth of their child. We will be there with our loving and experienced hands, heads and hearts. In short, we got you.


In Home Post birth Visits

Soon thereafter we will visit you at home

We fully believe in the power of holding space for each birth story. During our post birth visit we review and process your birth with you, check in on how feeding is going, and chat about this transition as a family. We will discuss any further support or resources you might want as you adjust to your new life with a little one.


A note about working with two doulas in partnership:

Coming to the decision to partner together in our practices was a bit of a leap. It is so rarely done in the doula community that we didn’t have much of an example to follow. Even still, we believe so much in being the best we can be for our clients, and birth work is so unpredictable that partnering together makes it possible. A common situation any birth worker (midwife, doula, photographer) faces is the possibility that a birth will simply outlast their capacity to do their job. While most births don’t go this long, a special few can last a full 24 hours— or more. Partnering together means if one of us reaches our limit of what we can give, another familiar face who knows YOUR birth ideals, YOUR family and most importantly, YOU, will be there to step in. Who you’re surrounded by as you give birth matters. And it’s not only in the birth space, but as we work with you throughout the whole process that you will benefit from two perspectives, have twice as much experience behind your team, and trust that even if one of your doulas has been at a birth the night before, her partner will be fresh and ready to go the moment you need her.

Mom gives birth in tub with Saint Paul Doula

“Completely Irreplaceable”

“During labor Meg was completely irreplaceable. Navigating labor is a scary thing, especially for first time parents, so having her there made everything a little less intimidating.” - Claire T.

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