Placenta Encapsulation

What it is and why it matters


Healing from the inside out

The 40 weeks it takes to grow your beautiful baby also grows your placenta, the organ that sustains your baby’s nourishment and oxygen supply all those weeks in utero. By growing this incredible organ, us humans join in with the greater group of mammals who produce the same.

Did you know

That every other mammal almost instantly consumes the placenta after it is “born,” something we tend to wrinkle our noses at. But scientists have now uncovered why, and with this powerful information women around the world have started insisting on this same practice. Consuming your placenta is shown to help with mood stabilization, boosting energy levels, and aiding an overall feeling of wellness. Plus, you get to gross out all your friends and family by saying you “ate” your placenta!


packed with the exact nutrients for postpartum recovery

It’s almost as if nature grew the perfect supplement to nourish the new mama as she settles into life with her new baby in her arms. The placenta is rich in iron and B vitamins, not to mention the hormones and DNA that will aid the physical recovery and replenish mineral stores that have been depleted during pregnancy and birth.

How it works

In the first few hours after birth Meg will pack up your placenta and bring it to her kitchen for processing. Within a day or two she delivers a bottle of capsules that are swallowed 2-3 at a time, a few times a day.