Childbirth Education

Feel Prepared for What’s to Come

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In our day and age of overwhelming options and decision fatigue, wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide who’s seen it all? Join Meg in this 5-week series to go from confused to confident, approaching your guess date with excited anticipation knowing what to expect.


Holistic, Natural Birth Perspective

Consider the pros and cons of different choices in pregnancy, birth and postpartum from a perspective that acknowledges the short and long term impact on the birthing person, the baby and the family.

Woman-Centered Care

Woman-centered birth is an approach that begins long before contractions begin. It means knowing what options are available to you from different providers to birth locations as well as pain management techniques and support during labor and as you enter postpartum recovery.

Lighthearted, Small Class Sizes

Meet other local expectant parents like you in a small group, cozy environment. Explore topics from pregnancy sex to what crazy noises might help during labor with both humor and straightforward, evidence based information.


About Meg

Meg is a Lamaze certified childbirth educator and DONA certified doula and has attended over 100 births. A mother herself, she has experienced pregnancy, birth and postpartum from both the side of mother and care provider and believes with the right information each family can make choices that are informed and best for them.