“We are forever thankful to Meg for the TLC we received from her.” Briana K.

“Meg is an absolutely lovely person and we felt so comfortable working with her.” Erin V.

“I am so happy that both of [these women] ended up in our lives.” Mike


stronger together

Both in their lives and work, Meg and Lisa wholeheartedly believe that we are better together.

walking with you into the unknown

Each birth experience is unique and powerful. You can only plan for so much. Meg and Lisa are the Swiss army knives of the birth space, prepared through both study and the hands on experience of hundreds of births.

a rich resource to draw from

Partnering together allows Meg and Lisa to support you more fully. Two unique perspectives and combined experience means consistent care and knowledge no matter what you end up facing in your birth.


Meet Lisa

Mother, Doula, Poet and Citizen of the World

I was first called to the birth world working as a certified nursing assistant at my small hometown hospital in Park Rapids, MN during High School.  I carry that small town sense of community with me to this day. I am currently training to be a childbirth and doula educator.  I aspire to train doulas in rural and marginalized communities globally.

I am working on my second volume of poetry. I have written poems since I was first able to read and write. I think Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein are involved. I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend a mastery poetry class studying with Joy Harjo. Who was a great influence to my writing and my birthwork. Like birthwork writing, poetry in particular, is one of my soul’s gifts or callings.

I have extensively studied ancient matriarchal communities and religions. In those studies, I became dazzled with so many positive, powerful images of birth that continue to inspire me. Reclamation of history and the power of women gathering is of great benefit to society. I have attended trainings with The School of Womanly Arts directed by Regena Thomashauer aka “Mama Gena.” I plan to bring some of that guidance and knowledge to the Red Tent gatherings.

Beyond my training as a DONA certified birth doula; I have training in Spinning Babies, Hypnobirthing, infant loss and working with trauma survivors.  I worked as an on call Doula for Hennepin County Medical Center where I received a wide variety of experience in our diverse community.  I was lucky enough to learn from the amazing staff but also from Grandmas and Aunties from every continent. I have a liberal arts degree in Anthropology and English with a focus on creative writing, women's studies and social justice.

In between answering the calls of babies I moonlight at the famous Carbone’s Pizza on Randolph in Highland Park as a bartender. As with my birth work I enjoy being immersed in community, family and being part of a team. We have the best pizza and the best people in town!

 Last, but definitely not least, I am a Mother to an extraordinary human teenager.  Because he is a teenager I promised not to talk too much about him online. I am allowed to say I gave birth to him in the water. He arrived and started making the same chanting sound that I was toning throughout labor. We love to watch Marvel movies, do outdoorsy things, cook, travel and explore wherever and whatever strikes our fancy.  Our story is one I tell to counteract the negative message that once you are a parent freedom and fun things are over. He and I have always had a work hard play harder agreement.

He has been my greatest and most successful teacher.


Meet Meg

an energetic, soft soul

I love to be at home cooking and listening to music but enjoy getting out to breweries (cuz BEER <3) or trying new restaurants.

I will encourage you to be honest with yourself and speak up when needed (cuz boundaries).

I believe that the body was made to give birth and I trust you and your baby to work together and on your own time. I will remind you of the power you hold and choices you have if decisions need to be made. I will hold space for you and your growing family to figure out this journey.

I have been a doula for over 5 years. My daughter’s birth helped me realize my calling.


Jan 2014 - Doulas of North America (DONA) Birth Doula Training

March 2014 - Joined The Childbirth Collective

April 2014 - Placenta Encapsulation Training

July 2014 - Spinning Babies Workshop

December 2014 - HypnoBirthing Doula Training

February 2015 - DONA Certified Birth Doula

April 2015 - Birthing From Within Training

October 2015 - Optimal Outcomes in Women’s Health Conference

November 2015 - Passion for Birth - Lamaze Approved Childbirth Educator Training

July 2016 - Spinning Babies Workshop

September 2016 - Spinning Babies World Confluence

April 2017 - Queer Birth Project - LGBTQ Positive Doula Training

June 2017 - Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

November 2018 - Optimal Outcomes in Women’s Health Conference

November 2018 - Racial Disparities in Maternity Care


VBAC support

Cesarean birth

Births with Special Circumstances

(Type 1 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Interhepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, Breech Presentation, and many others)

Unmedicated Birth



Surprising facts about The Red Tent Women

We are both Cancers (July birthdates)

We once showed up to the same birth training unknowingly and surprised each other

We are both kickass single mamas to our amazing kiddos

We don’t take ourselves too seriously

We both worked independently as doulas before working together

We had each considered throwing in the towel

But joining forces in partnership saved us from burnout

We are proud of the richness we bring to each family

And working with each other as best friends gives us a unique foundation of support to draw from